Microsoft Key Management Service (KMS) 2012

The blessings of Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 have descended to us mere mortals with Microsoft software assurance.  Alright, how are we going to activate these new installs?

You remember the game from 2008/Vista and then 2008R2/Win7… and again you don’t have to setup a new server you can reuse your existing KMS.  However it appears if you have played our KMS games for a long time and not upgraded the server to 2008R2 you are out of luck!

Hotfix for Windows Server 2008R2 to support Win8 and WS2012 (and if you don’t have server SA, you can install KMS on Win7 workstation with this patch allowing you to activate Win8/WS2012).

Sigh – fill out form and await email.  At least I received in under 20 seconds.  (BTW – WTF Microsoft, I – a human failed your first two CAPTCHAs??)

My last gripe: Microsoft provided the same KMS code for Windows Server 2012 Standard and Data Center… when installed, it says Windows ServerStandard… but /dlv shows “KMS_2012_C Channel” which if things are the same from 2008R2 implies DataCenter is covered and will be activated.  Time will tell…

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