Today’s edition of “Thanks a lot Microsoft…”

Trying to answer for my supervisor what seems like a simple enough question “how many users do we have in Active Directory.”  Good old Active Directory users and computers (ADUC, aka dsa.msc) is kinda kludgy in this respect: I can search for all disabled user objects… I can search for all users and groups (do math and get all active users and groups)… but what about just user objects?

I go to play with this new-fangled Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC, aka dsac.exe) which seems better-suited, but it bitches at the size of my domain:


…which begs the question – where is the Management List options.  Oh, of course – silly me – it is HIDDEN – you have to press the ALT button to see the additional menus.  Our friends at Microsoft’s Ask the Directory Services Team blog has the explaination at Fun with the AD Administrative Center – I quote “

The error tells you what to do – just change the “Management List” options. Right! So… ehhh… where is the management list? You have to hit the ALT key to expose that menu. Argh…


Then you can set the turned object count as low as 2000 or as high as 100000. If you have to do this though, you need to work on organizing your objects better.”

Nice, except there is no reason to sort down our students into multiple groups.  An argument can be made that we don’t need to have/keep 20,000+ students – but that is a deprovisioning question left to people in a higher pay grade than I.

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