KMS v2 for Windows Server 2008

…and Vista, of course.

Fairly easy to setup a Ws2008 client machine as a virtual machine under Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 (best practice according to MSFT documentation ‘Volume Activation 2.0 Deployment Guide.doc’)… all the commands are via a VBS script: slmgr.vbs

The one big question I had was the directive to "Activate the KMS host using the KMS key for the highest eligible product group according to your volume license agreement. As noted above in the Volume Activation 2.0 Overview in the Product Groupings section, KMS keys are hierarchical, e.g. a KMS_C key will activate all clients in Server Group A, Server Group B, Server Group C, and Vista VL. Most organizations will use only a single KMS key"


So, my Microsoft volume licensing services web portal site

Has KMS keys for

  • Windows Vista – KMS
  • Windows Web Srv 2008-KMS
  • Windows Server 2008 Std/Ent – KMS
  • Windows Srv 2008 Data Ctr/Itan- KMS

None of which talks about Group A, B, C.

This is where Google is our friend:

If you are entitled to the ‘Windows Srv 2008 Data Ctr/Itan- KMS’ key – that is what you want to use, as it is a Group C key allowing you to active the following OSes:

  • Windows Server 2008 Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2008 for Itanium
  • Server Group B (which is Windows Server 2008 Standard and Windows Server 2008 Enterprise)
  • Server Group A (Windows Web Server 2008)
  • Vista VL (Business and Enterprise)
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