Removing desktop shortcut from Adobe Reader 9.1

So, in a rush to get the updated Adobe Reader last night before computers in my division rebooted at 3AM with Microsoft’s monthly goodies, I quickly generated a transform (MST) for Adobe Reader (formerly known as Acrobat Reader) 9.1 using

Adobe Customization Wizard 9  (which is a limited InstallShield Editor)

Unfortunately, Adobe has cursed us with another piece o’ desktop spam: A link on the All Users Desktop and start menu: "" – which takes you to a piece of HTML code encouraging you to download Adobe AIR player.

Eric Luken’s Blog has a write-up on changing the transform’s conditions to prevent these icons of vandalism from being installed, but what if (like me) you already have them installed?  Removing the Acrobat 9.1 MSI (removing via Group Policy or msiexec /x) doesn’t roll-off this junk – you are left with the two icons and the entry in add/remove programs.

The GUID for the "" package is {287ECFA4-719A-2143-A09B-D6A12DE54E40}, so rather than extracting the MSI and having an "un-installation fileshare location" to point to – I recommend scripting/psexec/whatever the msiexec remove command with the GUID and leverage the fact that the MSI instructions are already taking up space on your effected client computers.

msiexec /x {287ECFA4-719A-2143-A09B-D6A12DE54E40}

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