KMS Take 3

With Windows 7 landing for enterprise/volume licensing next week, I noticed that Microsoft licensing already has allocated us Key Management Server keys for Win7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.  In looking to see if there is anything special to do to ‘upgrade’ our KMS key I found Microsoft’s document  Volume Activation Deployment Guide (Win7, WS08R2)

This reminded me of a question that wasn’t really a request for me to fix :-)… since we have a multiple domain forest, can one KM Server handle activate throughout?  The answer is yes, but you either need to make a registry change to your KM Server for it to publish itself as a SRV record in a list of domains or you have to manually (ick!) enter those SRV records.

The instructions in the new Volume Activation Deployment Guide are for the *NEW* registry location if your KM server is Win7 or WS08R2.  If you are like me and are running the KM Server on WS2008 (or Vista, or WS2003) then you should look at Volume Activation 2.0 Deployment Guide (Publish Multiple DNS Domains) for the correct Key location *AND* more importantly, that you need to create a multi-string key with each domain name on its own line (this is not covered at all in the new VA Deployment Guide, I was going to *guess* that the registry entry would be a string with semicolon separated domain names).

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