Mozilla Thundebird 3.x – autoconfigure mail host settings

Our old ‘collab.rdf’ file in the \isp directory stopped working with Mozilla Messaging’s update from Thunderbird 2.x to 3.x – BUT with the new automatic probing of your mail host we didn’t care a lot since after 15-30 seconds you got configured correctly.

Seems the old ISP configuration file still works, but now must be named ‘yourdomain.tld.xml’ so in our case ‘’

Most of the good info is at Mozilla Developer’s Thunderbird/Autoconfiguration webpage

Which also explains that when you launch Tbird without a configured profile, the new account wizard first searches for an XML file in \ISP that matches your email address suffix – then looks for a webpage at http”//autoconfig.yourdomain.tld/mail/config….

then it searches Mozilla’s online database of ISP configurations (seems they are slow to approve additions, perhaps for us Universities that don’t have 100,000+ users… you can search for configs and add your own for “consideration” at Mozilla’s ISP database site

Our file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<clientConfig version="1.1">
    <emailProvider id="">
      <displayName>UNI E-mail</displayName>

      <incomingServer type="imap">

      <outgoingServer type="smtp">

        descr-en="Generic settings page">UNI ITS Recommend Thunderbird Email Client</instructionsURL>

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