Cheap smart phone on Verizon

I couldn’t resist buying a Palm Pixi Plus at the $40 ($45 shipped) price that has popped in and out of DailySteals, DailyDeal, etc over the past month or two.

Palm’s Web OS is really nice, but as I said with the first Palm Pre from Sprint in 2009 – the hardware isn’t fully-baked.  Fit and finish is much improved, but the Pixi is just too damn small – both screen (which is high quality at least) and and keyboard.

Amazon has the Verizon Palm Pixi Plus for $50 today (free shipping)

I activated with Page Plus Cellular, a Verizon Wireless MVNO on a 30-day 1200 minute, 2000 SMS, 100MB pre-paid plan for $29.99

Getting initial activation can be done through Page Plus’ website, or any number of resellers.  I had good luck with Kitty Wireless  although I didn’t pay their $4.99 on the web, instead go through Ebay and pay only $0.99 for activation.

After playing I may keep this phone on Page Plus’ standard plan – you can pay $80, get 365 days before expiring, and pay $0.04 per minute, $0.08 per SMS (in or out), and $0.50 per month to maintain service (data is a lousy $1.20 per MB – so disable data and use WiFi).  Makes for a nice emergency phone if your primary phone is lost/broken or in my case when Sprint loses the only tower with usable coverage into my house (like last night into this morning).

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