UNI-Wireless certificate and PPC-6700

The certificate used by the UNI radius authentication server is a Verisign certificate that ‘roots-up’ to a Verisign root certificate that is present on current Windows XP machines and Mac OSX, but for some odd reason the certificate is not installed on Windows Mobile 5.
In attempting to get my Sprint PPC-6700 (UT Starcomm/Audiovox) to work with UNI-Wireless I used the 30-day demo of Funk’s Odyssey client.
My experiences with Odyssey were less than pleasant: it had a bad habit of saying no adapter present, which I only corrected by uninstalling and reinstalling the application… and when I finally decided I didn’t want to use it – WM5 still tried to launch the removed application and reminded me that “cannot find application odyssey.” Duh!
I much prefer using the Microsoft WM5 WiFi client. To do this with UNI Wireless you need to install “VeriSign Class 3 Primary CA” that expires 8/1/2028 to your PDA. If you have a Windows XP desktop and a method to move
a <1KB file to your PDA (wired or wireless ActiveSync, removable media card, configured email access, etc): 1. From the Windows XPsp2 client, go into Internet Explorer 6 Tools (or Control Panel) – Internet Options – Content tab – Certificates button – Trusted Root Certificates tab. There are two with Friendly name “VeriSign Class 3 Primary CA.” We want the one that expires 8/1/2028 not the one expiring 5/18/2018. Click on it, then click the Export button. Click next, then export it as DER encoded X.509/.CER, give it a temporary name (you can call it anything that is a valid FAT filename, this is a temporary file anyhow). 2. Copy the CER file to the PDA/WM5 unit (I used a MiniSD flash card) 3. On PPC, start – programs – file explorer – flash card or wherever you transferred the files, tap/click on the CER file and answer yes to import the certificate. 4. Configure WiFi connect to UNI-Wireless (if you can configure the Microsoft XP WiFi client – you can do this: start – settings – Connections tab – Network Cards – Add new – Network name “UNI-Wireless” connects to The Internet, Network Key tab at the bottom, Authentication = WPA, Data Encryption = TKIP, box will stay checked for “this key is automatically provided” – click the 802.1x tab – EAP type = PEAP, click OK in the upper right.

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