Query Device Manager on a remote (Windows 7) Computer

Since it was asked today, it is a little harder on your plain-vanilla Win7 machine than back in the pre-Windows Firewall WinXP days.

1) Firewall exceptions: you probably already have the “Allow inbound remote administration” exception if you are managing anything over RPC to your workstations – but this is of course required

2) Policy to allow remote access Device Manager: Win7 has a separate policy for this setting – Group Policy is your friend: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Device Installation  — Select the “Allow remote access to the Plug and Play interface” and enable

3) Remote Registry.  Unlike the “good old days” remote registry is disabled in Win7 by default.  You have to start up the service if you want to interrogate Device Manager: either set it to start automatically which will place a slight performance hit on your machine, and of course a large vulnerable surface or just remember to remotely start the service when you need it.

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