Changing Windows 7 license from MAK to KMS

Had a colleague call today – changed a motherboard on a machine and now Winders says it is no longer genuine/not activated.  Soooo, although it is a Windows 7 Enterprise computer joined to our domain that has had KMS running looooong before Windows 7 ever was released, this machine must have been setup with a Multiple Activation Key (MAK) which requires reactivation with substantial hardware changes (i.e. motherboard replacement).

So, where is the PID.TXT generic activation code that was in \Sources on the Vista installation media as I blogged about in 2008 – ah, that was replaced with \sources\el.cfg – but there is no 25-digit PID key there.

Sigh. To the Googles (Bing might have been faster!) – Microsoft publishes the default volume license 25-digit keys on the web.  Do a /ipk with that VL product key then reactivate /ato.

Microsoft article – changing a MAK activated Win7/WS2008 machine to use KMS

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